How To Keep a Persian Rug In Pristine Condition

Persian rugs are not only a beautiful staple of a traditional home, but they’re a valuable investment, much like a Herend statue or even a stock. When treated correctly and maintained regularly, your Persian rug can be a valuable piece of furniture when the time comes for you to sell the piece. But keeping it in proper condition for years can be a challenge. As a central piece of any room, your Oriental rug is bound to get used, stepped on or even spilled on. Kids and pets can also ruin them, as well as cigarette smoke that settles into your fabric.

Aside from airing out and fluffing your rugs out regularly, it’s imperative that you get your oriental rugs professionally cleaned a few times per year to keep them in pristine condition and maintain their value over time. A professional cleaner will be able to remove stains, ensure that the rug maintains its density and that scent is neutralized over time. Because they are unique and valuable furniture, the method of cleaning a rug is equally as important. Using any process that is chemically heavy during cleaning or is aggressive during drying can completely damage the fringes of your your carpet and pull the fabric that can compromise the design of the carpet.

Acceptable Cleaning Methods

When treating your Persian rugs yourself, keep one thing in mind: Mildness. Your soap, scrubbing and drying techniques should all be mild. Don’t use scented soap or soap that has too much acid. When performing the cleaning methods, make sure that ¬†you don’t apply too much pressure when you scrub a specific area. This will ensure that you avoid color run when cleaning it out and potentially damaging your design. Air drying your rug is the best method if you are doing it yourself – any applied hot air or dryer can and will completely damage your color and stitching.